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Avery Xo

Companion- Based in Phoenix, Arizona

Soft … sultry … sensual. Mixing passion and pleasure with fulfillment and satisfaction.  Feeling wonderful at the end of our time together, relaxed and yet energized, a smile on your face and a spring in your step…

We are talking about mutual pleasure … a rich, sensual time that we will enjoy equally.   Can I be your guide to pleasures you may not have known you wanted?  Come with me on a voyage of discovery!

Companionship by the hour..


Sometimes your schedule is busy and time limited.  At those times, let me take you on a 60 minute tour of a sensual paradise.  It will be the fastest hour you have ever known, but with no sense of rush — it is magic!  Tuning into you quickly, and from there, your satisfaction is my business, and I take real pride in the care I take of you.

$500 Incall/ $600 Outcall


When you have a little more time, your experience becomes much richer.  We can explore the shape and texture of passion in complete detail, finding all the rewarding nuances of our chemistry together.  The extra time opens more options for us … care for a sensual massage?  I have danced professionally — would you enjoy a private dance?  I love to role play — is there a fantasy you would like to indulge in?  

These longer meetings are my most-requested ones.  Find out why!

Two Hours- $1000

Three Hours- $1500

Companionship Packages

Lunch Date

3 hour lunch date
$ 1500
  • Standard 4 hour dinner date.

Deluxe Dinner Date

Almost off the clock
$ 2,500
  • Almost off the clock dinner date,exclusively yours from 6pm-midnight.**


Sugar Me!

Exclusively yours!
$ 20,000 Monthly
  • Your happiness is my priority
  • Up to 150 hours a month
  • Avaiable for travel (domestic and international)
  • for your eyes only!
  • The ultimate experience

**Approximate time frame for our date.



Three Hours- $2200

Dinner Date- $3000

12 hours- $4000

Extended Visits

12 Hours- $4000

24 Hours- $5000

48 Hours- $7000

Extended visits must include activities, shows, meals, sightseeing, and other date ideas. Extended dates are not for house/room sitting. 😉

All accommodations must be paid (flight, hotel, dining, Uber, etc.) to be fly me to you eligible. 

We should make the most of our time together. For this reason longer arrangements are preferred!

Private location minutes from Arizona State University, in Tempe, AZ!

Outcalls available to Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Sun City, Phoenix, and Tuscon.  Available for fly me to you accommodations world wide!